Pacific Chiba Trust パシフィック千葉信頼管理 is a private wealth management company that provides both private and corporate clients access to the global financial markets.

Pacific Chiba Trust is a private wealth management company that provides both private and corporate clients access to the global financial markets. Our company headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan, however, our network extends all over the Asia Pacific.

Since our establishment in 2006, Pacific Chiba Trust has accumulated a tremendous experience in managing our clients’ resources. We currently handle over 4 billion USD in assets under management.

Our mission here at Pacific Chiba Trust is to provide clients with efficient services aimed at accomplishing their financial goals. We’ve learned how to adapt to the favorable market conditions, and we know how to make changes to work to our advantage.

We adhere to a personal relationship with our clients, and this is what you should expect from us – exceptional customer support, in-depth research of the markets, and continual effort to satisfy your expectations.

We have a clear objective – Pacific Chiba Trust invests your funds so that you could generate a decent return that would be sufficient to enjoy your life today and plan your tomorrow. We know that people have different visions of life and different goals, which is why we are open to a wide range of client profiles. Our client base comprises names from various world regions and with different social positions – from ordinary people looking for an appropriate saving method to institutional entities that want to expand their capital.

With our international coverage, Pacific Chiba Trust which links (European, North American, and Asia-Pacific) regions, we act from a global perspective. We like to think big and expand our horizon.

Our approach
Pacific Chiba Trust builds reputation mainly by treating our clients with the same respect, no matter their profile. If you are an individual with a moderate deposit amount, you will get the same consideration as an institutional client, only the strategies and goals would differ. In this way, we want to satisfy the financial needs of all ranges of our customers: companies, government agencies, funds, and individuals seeking to increase their wealth.

Our priority
Our main focus is your success – at Pacific Chiba Trust we apply all our best methods to boost your portfolio. Your financial independence is our priority. We struggle day by day to manage your assets smartly. We like to be ahead of our competitors, and this is why our company is continually increasing its client base worldwide.

Pacific Chiba Trust is aware of the fact that reputation is built on trust, and our clients trust us. Managing your funds is our job, and we do it with responsibility. Trusting your money to someone else may be one of the most difficult decisions in your life, but when it comes to us, this may be one of the most inspired moves.