The analysis is the essential part of what we do; we can’t invest your money without closely watching the financial products that we rely on.

Moreover, we try to ensure that you are well informed about the substantial economic events that may influence your portfolio or investment option.

We have a complete team of analysts and researchers who operate with the most reliable sources that have direct connections with the relevant entities. We don’t just compile data from media services and show it to our clients. We have our vision and opinion, which is why our interpretation belongs to us.

Our research doesn’t move without reports, statistics, charts, trends, algorithms, indicators, data comparison, fundamental data correlation, and so on.

Because of our international presence, we have the chance to get informed from first hands, and we immediately share our findings with you via specific info channels.

Our teams of fundamental analysts and technical analysts operate with:
– Macroeconomic view – we analyze the situation in the global markets and make predictions based on our algorithms. Among the economic indicators that we consider you can find the following: GDP, Interest Rate change, Consumer Prices Index, Retail Sales, Purchasing Managers Index, Unemployment, Jobless claims, Nonfarm Payrolls (US), Imports and Exports, Sovereign Debt change, Consumer sentiment, auto sales, home sales, housing prices, and more.

– Microeconomic view or targeted assets – this is where our analysts monitor the stocks, bonds, commodities or currency pairs apart. Here we consider the macroeconomic view, but the final decision depends very much on company statements, product sales, profits and revenue reports, job cuts or business expansions, merger and acquisitions, change in supply/demand, and so on.

The final work of our analysts is not only applied to make investment decisions, but also to inform our clients via different means, such as regular reviews, articles, and multimedia materials.