Bonds are less risky than stocks and Forex pairs, which is why many of our clients prefer this type of fixed income solution.

This is a great saving alternative particularly today when most of the Central Banks are playing with close to zero interest rate on deposit.

If you want higher returns on the bond market, we can propose you more attractive short-term bonds that involve a higher risk, such as corporate hybrid bonds or high yield bonds.

Our experts in the bond market will suggest you select from:

  • Government bonds – like US 30Y T-Bond, US 2Y T-Note, US 10Y T-Note, Euro Bund, Euro BOBL, UK Gilt, Japan Govt. Bond, etc.
  • Corporate bonds;
  • Quality or subordinated rankings;
  • Mature and emerging sectors;
  • Coupons (fixed or floating);
  • Bonds in different currencies;