We put the same effort in both hiring and investment decisions, so if you feel that you may be a fit to our wealth management team, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Working at Pacific Chiba Trust is about being a member of a reputable wealth management company with international presence. You can be part of a truly global team that is dedicated to achieving superior levels of investment activities. We are collaborative and individual-oriented.

What do you want to do?
Our team is always ready to add fresh minds and new talents from different regions of the world. As we continue to expand our network, we still keep the same philosophy and entrepreneurial principles. We want to make our employees be satisfied with our common results and feel proud representing our brand. Working for us is not about taking complex decisions on your own, since we give much support, instruction and help on any level of your path.

If you are a good investor, like to find links in fundamental data in order to generate a prediction, have a pleasure to communicate with people by providing consultancy in financial matters, or have something else that could interest us, feel free to contact us!

Even if you are doing your first steps in your financial career, you can have a good place with us, since we have a ‘developing our talent’ approach.

You can grow your career in one of the following niches:

  • Financial Advisory – this job is about providing our clients with strategic consultancy and investment options.
  • Analytics and risk – our analysts develop and offer personalized support, investment plan and risk management methods.
  • IT – our technology experts apply the latest innovations to create software systems that help our wealth management strategies.

Applying for a job with our team is quite simple. You just have to complete the application form on our website and wait for our representative to get in touch with you.

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