As of today, our company is made up of individuals that come from over 15 different ethnicities and backgrounds, allowing them to become open-minded and respect diversity.

The diversity is probably the main driver of our social responsibility, and we should say it fairly – we care about the environment and the world because we are part of it.

Throughout the years, we have reached the conclusion that being responsible toward the society is imperative in achieving quality results with long-term impact. This is why we stick to our environmental and social principles whenever we make a decision.

We manifest our social responsibility by:

  • Investing in our people – we are dedicated to find and support talented people who have our clients’ priorities in their mind. Another important aspect is that we want to increase gender diversity by helping women engage in our financial jobs.
  • Acting responsibly when investing – we make sure our investment habits are in accordance with the regulators’ requirements and clients’ needs. We consider the fundamental aspects and always try to mitigate the risks.
  • Engaging in charity – directly contributing to the communities we live in is not only a great pleasure for us, but also one of our duties. We focus on the emerging markets and are open for providing grants under certain conditions.
  • Reducing the environmental damage – it is clear that our direct influence on the environment is too insignificant to be considered. However, most of our environment impact is indirect and is expressed by our investment options. Anyway, we care about the environment and we try to focus on emissions, energy consumption, waste, etc. We have a special Environmental Policy that regulates our business habits and activities in order to reduce the potential harm on the environment.