Pacific Chiba Trust パシフィック千葉信頼管理 Message from Our CEO 2017.

Dear Clients,

We would like to thank you for your confidence in our services and approach; I feel proud to be part of the team and make history together. Pacific Chiba Trust was established over a decade ago, and we have learned to adapt to market changes.

The financial world reveals a stirred up behavior in the last decade, and it’s really difficult for someone to catch its very next moves. At Pacific Chiba Trust we believe that you can’t do it individually, especially because of the unpredictability and high volatility.

Being part of a ship increases your chances for success and you can go through the huge waves of challenges much easier. Well, what we want to offer you is a big ship – it’s our professional team of experts, analysts, advisors, developers, and more giving you the peace of mind that we will be working behind the scenes.

Every year we make an effort to apply new project types and innovative plans while keeping our old principles and improving our results. This is not easy, and I want to thank our great team for the joint effort. I feel responsible for every move in this company and I know we have a great future. Every team member is seeking to perfect their skills and us as a whole want to open new horizons and keep our leading position.

In today’s world with lower deposit rates, lower yields, and more quantitative easing programs from the banks, people are forced to find more complex and riskier saving methods. We will help you to create a customized portfolio that considers your long term goals.

We want you to feel safe about your future and trust our professional team at Pacific Chiba Trus.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Yamanishi Mitsuzuka,
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Pacific Chiba Trust Management