We deal with an extensive and complex range of clients, whose goals and potential vary from person to person.

Being aware of this, we invest our best skills to grow your wealth step-by-step. You can work with our reputable wealth management team, your Private Banker, innovative platforms, and all kinds of extra tools.

However, given that some clients are not aware of the principles of the financial markets while others are already professional traders, we offer three account types that differ in concept and complexity.
Our three account types are the following:

  • Advisory Account
  • Discretionary Account
  • Execution Only Account

You should not think that one of these accounts is better than the other – it simply fits the right skills and risk profile of a particular client.

If you are not familiar with the financial markets, it doesn’t make sense to apply for the Execution Only Account, since it’s difficult to handle it by yourself. On the other hand, as a professional trader, you can skip the Advisory Account, since it doesn’t make any sense to hear the advice and support that you already know, even though our experts always come with something new and exclusive.

That being said let us discuss each account type in part and pay close attention to the benefits and purpose of each of them.