Private client solutions address the individuals who want to invest their money in a range of markets that offer different yields, such as stock market, foreign exchange, commodity market, bond market, and more.

We base our decisions on fundamental data, and there is a whole team involved in the process. Our teams of analysts and strategists evaluate the macroeconomic moves to diagnose the situation in the markets, and then the investment team takes these general sketches, conduct an in-depth analysis and act in agreement with the final conclusions regarding one or another sector or asset.

In short, the analysts and strategists would create a macroeconomic view of the global markets monthly, quarterly or over a period of time. This draft would incorporate forecasts and opinions, behaving like a general scan of the financial markets that reaches all the asset types: shares, currencies, raw materials, bonds, and so on. From this general draft, the investment team would get the best opportunities and would take over your portfolio.

The whole process is designed so that the human factor mistakes are entirely avoided. There is an entire team involved, and this means you will get the best service.

Finally, you will be in touch with your Private Banker, who is part of the investment team. He has a key task to assess your risk profile and determine what your precise goals are. Based on your specific conditions, skills, risk-profile, and objectives our experts would propose the best methods for you.

Our investment products can range from instant market execution solutions, futures contracts, options contracts, and more.